Joanna and Justin

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Joanna and Justin

“Real Bride Joanna married her sweetheart, Justin, in a timeless lace design from the Brides of Somerset studio.


Why this gown? Why Brides of Somerset?
We asked her, and her answers might shock you a little!”


1. How did you know that you had found the perfect dress?


I had been looking online, looking in other stores and nothing came close to the kind of quality that Brides of Somerset offers.
I had an idea of the shape I wanted, but hadn’t found anything that was “just right”. As soon as I put on my dress I knew for sure.
It fitted perfectly and was so elegant and exactly the style I wanted!


2. What did your husband say about your wedding dress?


That he wasn’t sure if his heart skipped a beat or stopped altogether.


3. What did you find most helpful about Averil at the Brides of Somerset studio?


She’s just so calm and really concerned with how you feel. She’s not just trying to sell you a dress, she actually wants you to feel beautiful and I appreciated that so much!


4. What was your favourite wedding moment wearing your gown?


If I had to pick it would be our first dance…

Other service providers include:
Photographer: Striped Fox Photography

Venue: Hoogeind Manor

Makeup and Hair: Monique Loren