Shariska & Pieter

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Shariska & Pieter

The radiant Shariska got married in a glamorous design from Brides of Somerset’s Somerset Collection.
When asked why she chose this particular dress she explained,


“Originally I wanted the typical princess ballroom dress, but I was very specific about the lace that I wanted. I saw this dress and fell in love with the floral lace pattern, but I wasn’t convinced about the style. As soon as I saw myself in the mirror I knew that this was the dress I wanted to get married in. It was a perfect fit with only a few small alterations, I absolutely loved everything about this dress. I love the way it feels like a “real old school” wedding dress. My favourite part about this dress is the back! Pretty pretty pretty!!!!


– what did your husband say about your dress?


“- My husband did not have any expectations….but he told me that if he had any… was exceeded by far! He absolutely loved me in this dress and he was speechless.


– how did you hear about Brides of Somerset?


”My mother saw lovely wedding dresses on the internet and called to book a personal fitting. “


– what did you appreciate most about Averil, was she helpful?


“- Averil is such a nice person. I loved the way she made me feel comfortable and special.
It felt like I was the only bride ever! I also appreciated her honesty. She gave me very clear guidelines about what looked good and what didn’t. She was excited with me and it was a lovely experience working with her. “


– what was your favourite thing about your dress or moment wearing your dress?

“- The best this about this gorgeous dress, is that it was very comfortable. I could move around and dance like my crazy self without worrying about anything! I am still in love!”